The Team
Tim Crist

Taking a page from the book of Superman, Tim uses his incredible ability to multi-task and move at incredible speeds to ensure that actors and clients alike have everything they need to be successful.  Originally from Washington DC, he has a strong stage management background in theatre.  With a sharp sense of humor and affable personality, Tim is able to relate to actors while maintaining a positive vibe in the office.  In 2009 he found the job he was meant for and joined the labor of love that is being a talent agent.  Maintaining his love of theatre, Tim is the Interim Operations Manager at Theatre Off Jackson in his free time. He is thrilled to have spent 13 years working with everyone at TST and is looking forward to many more!

Topo Swope

Though her name is often confused with an Italian bowling ball company – Topo Swope is a real-live person. Born in New York and raised in Los Angeles by a family of performers and artists, she’s been a vibrant member of the arts and entertainment community for most of her life.  Her credit-rich career in front of the camera, working with the biggest names in the business, gives her a world of experience she readily draws from to this day. Inspired by her healthy respect for the craft and a love for actors, she opened her talent agency — Topo Swope Talent – in 1994.  After an incredible 28 years at the helm of TST she retired at the end of 2022.  She leaves behind an amazing legacy not soon to be forgotten!