What Can We Do For You?

A Full Service Agency
Topo prides herself in having very professional and experienced talent. But just in case you are looking for someone new, we frequently audition new actors, to provide you with what you’re looking for .  Whatever your project: on camera, voice over, audiobooks, motion capture, live events, hosting, video games, print; all your casting needs are sure to be met with TST!

Need A Voice?
Topo has the best voice talent (union and non-union) around. Listen to the Voice Demos we have available on our site.  Or send us a sample of your script and we’ll quickly turn around recorded auditions for you.

Need A Face?
For our out-of-town clients, we’re glad to put talent on video for you. Just send us a script with specs and we’ll pull from our list of diverse union and non-union talent to find just who you’re looking for.