“Can't do a really good casting without these folks...wouldn't want to. Professionalism with a heart and a kind of place to do business. ”
— Jodi Rothfield, CSA
Jodi Rothfield Casting, Seattle WA
“Topo Swope Talent is hands down the best talent agency I have worked with. She consistently sends me strong talent that meets or exceeds my expectations. She has a wonderful pool with some of the best actors I’ve had the pleasure of working with. And not only is the work exceptional, the actors are always prepared and extremely professional. And the staff at Topo Swope Talent are great! Always quick to respond to my needs, efficient, and detail-oriented. They are a producer’s dream.”
— Lorena Davis
North by Northwest Productions, Idaho, WA
“We have been working with Topo Swope Talent for many years. They are an integral part of the service that we provide for our clients. They are true professionals and are an asset to the local production market. We rely on them for their top-tier voiceover talent.”
— Clatter & Din
Seattle, WA
“Working with Topo is always a good time. She brings a sense of humor along with her complete knowledge of her talent’s ability to every casting. When I call Topo, I know our clients will have a fantastic pool of people to choose from.”
— Jeff Pountain
Don Mason Photography, Seattle WA
“Topo’s always a pleasure to work with. She’s got great people, she understands what I’m looking for and she’s truly a pro at what she does. I’m always confident that I’ll get what I need at Topo Swope Talent.”
— Stephen Para, Director
Momentum Media, Seattle WA
“I hire Topo’s actors exclusively. I know that they will be talented, professional, responsible and lovely to be around. Since we do trade shows and travel together, I can’t risk hiring someone who I don’t know unless I hire them from Topo.”
— Jane Selle Morgan
Turtle Dreams Productions, Los Angeles CA
“I rely on Topo. She is a delight to work with and her actors are talented professionals that show up on time ready to be creative.”
— Paul Goldberg, Owner
Pure Audio, Seattle WA
“Topo is a master at discovering rising stars, when she tells me to listen to a talent, I do because she consistently hits the mark.”
— Kris Dangla
“With a name like Topo Swope you have to have talent. And she does. Totally professional, her stable of talent cares enough to voice the very best. Always Topo’ the Line.”
— Dan Molvar
MagicHour Films, Seattle WA
“Topo Swope Talent sets a high standard. I appreciate their integrity and their work ethic. They are a benefit to every project I work on.”
— Denise Gibbs
Foreground Background, Seattle WA